verb : re - set :  \(ˌ)rē-ˈset\
: to move (something) back to its original position
: to place (a gem) into its setting
: to put (a broken bone) back into its place for healing

There is an awakening taking place that is moving God's people back into the fullness of His Kingdom. This new wine requires a new wineskin. A Reset!
Our part is to activate and awaken the hearts of people to become this wineskin through alignment that will accelerate them onto their path of impact and influence.




By being activated you will engage deeply with the gifts, power and potential you have been given. There is a call on your life to make a difference. 
Alignment is a vital to your activation. By being aligned with God's Kingdom plan you will begin to see and understand your call.
Acceleration is the by product of being activated and aligned. Clarity and focus accelerates you into into your purpose.

Be activated, aligned and accelerated into what God is doing in our day.
You are an integral part of what God has planned. He is raising up a prophetic people living out a revival anointing. Your gift, passion & purpose is required in this time.

We help you to ...

  • Know why you were  created?
  • ​Know and understand your life purpose?
  • Know your true identity?
  • Know how to live out your dreams?
  • Know the difference between the Gospel of the Church and the Gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven?

God's plan for your life is magnificent!
The chances are you probably don't truly believe it or cannot imagine it to be possible.
He has created you to be His child and as such has fully equipped you for the purpose He created you for. It's a brilliant plan and He wants to walk with you to see it fulfilled. Don't sell yourself cheaply and trade off your great inheritance for something average.
Contact us today to begin the conversation that will change your life!

Your destiny is deeply connected to those around you

About us
Peter and Ilana Markgraaff have been married for 26 years  and have three sons. Matthew 23, Jonathan 20 and Benjamin 4. Matthew lives in Johannesburg South Africa and has a succesful career as a business analyst and programmer, Jonathan is studying International Affairs and Economics in Boston MA and Benjamin, keeps them young and on their toes while aspiring to be a pilot or an astronaut. 
They have been serving God and His Kingdom purposes in a full time capacity since 1991. So far this calling has led them to live in South Africa, the United Kingdom and now the USA where they have pioneered ministries, churches, businesses and schools. Their  Apostolic and Prophetic gift carries the heart of the Father to raise up people in the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven and to see them released into the fulness of their God given purpose and calling.  They have a wonderful ability to relate deeply with people and teach the ways of God with clarity and in power seeing transformation and enabling through God's Word

Getting YOU and your TEAM on track. A reset upgrades you to a higher perpective releasing you into a lifestyle of DEEP IMPACT and INFLUENCE

No one can tell you if you need a RESET. It is something only you will know based on your honest response to questions that need to be asked. If you feeling stuck, lost or like you are drifting without traction and clarity then a reset and re-alignement with God's Kingdom and His ways will set you back on course. A RESET would catalyse a new you.
Your business
You and your business are a strategic instrument God has designed  to use in extending His Kingdom. It can be transformed to be an apostolic base, hub and outpost in your community impacting the nation. A reset or business pivot can bring the alignment your business needs to set it up to become central to God's Kingdom plan. Imagine your entire business fully reaizing its full God given potential.
What is a RESET and what constitutes one?
A RESET realigns you and recalibrates you so that what you have been created for will be fully realized. It aligns you with your design and your destiny that is directly related to the Kingdom of Heaven. It  has always been there but you have not been able to understand, clarify, describe or articulate it.
Think of a gem that has fallen out of its setting . It needs to be reset in order to be admired and display it's true beauty and value.  When a bone has broken, it needs to be reset so that it can heal and the linb can be fully functional. An ecosystem or culture that is polluted or corrupted cannot produce the fruit and harvest it is meant to. Something has moved off course. In each case to restore it back to where it needs to be is a RESET.
You may be feeling or seeing evidence that things have changed and there is something happening in you that you cannot explain but you know something must change. It's a misalignment and you are trying to get back on track. God is preparing you for a reset.
Your Church
If you lead a church or about to start one ask the question about the culture of the church you lead or about to plant. Is it in living out a Kingdom culture? Is it on track with God's original intent or do you feel there is something missing ? Has it gone off track from its vision and the foundational blue print of the Kingdom of God. A RESET in your church will change everything causing your church to fulfill its true mandate in the world



You have been delivered from one Kingdom and into another. Freedom, power and authority has been given to you as a child of God to release the Kingdom of Heaven into every area of life, but more specifically to your sphere of influence. The culture we are exposed to daily is shaped by beliefs and behaviors. Wrong or bad beliefs hinder and frustrate true freedom. The Kingdom of Heaven is here to change that and to bring deliverance to people.


In God's Kingdom your image has been fully restored. No longer a lost child of God but now a child who has been fully reconciled to God and to His Kingdom. Your image therefore has been fully reconciled to God's orginal intent. Your image is not how you look but Who you reflect. You now reflect God to the world. We reflect like a mirror that which we behold. Your identity is no longer lost to this world, nor to the god of this world. You are a child of God and a representative of His Kingdom.



Confidence and courage is your inheritance. As God's child you stand out because of the dignity of your unique design. He has uniquely known and created you and longed for your restoration so that by design His Holy Spirit now lives in you to fit in the shape of the gifts He gave to you. New levels of perspective brings new levels of confidence and assurance. Your faith shifts to new levels and the pressure is less on yourself because you not placing faith in yourself but in God in greater ways.


Your destiny is locked into the Kingdom of Heaven. Having been reconciled to God and to His Kingdom places within you the power to identify your true purpose, values , dreams and desires. Your design is the golden thread of your destiny. In the Kingdom you have been given power from God to live powerfully, intentionally and strategically. The choices and priorities you make are snuggly fit into Kingdom living and so by choosing Kingdom first and harnessing each moment you engage & intersect with your destiny. Destiny is nothing less than making a series of decisions based on your passions and giftings.


God intended for your life to have Impact and influence. That which outlives you in this lifetime. To invest, cultivate and govern on this earth under His authority and by His power. This authority has been resotred to you and God has given you the ability, anointing and power to govern, lead and release the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven. Through this being restored to you you can unlock strategies of innovation, stewardship, flourishing and increase bringing freedom to those you live amongst and lead. 


Everywhere you place your feet, that place has been given to you. The presence of God's Kingdom touches and influences everything it makes contat with. Physically and spiritually. There is no accident or unintentional path in God's Kingdom. Everything has meaning and purpose and everything works together for the good. What you hold in your hand is a gift and it gets put to use for God's Kingdom. You have been given a greater clarity and focus with the upgrade on your heavenly perspective.


There is a dimension that is not only miraculous but mysterious. The power of the Kingdom of Heaven is supernatural but yet completely relavant and effective in the natural. The supernatural invades the natural and the government of the Kingdom of Heaven establishes Heavenly reality on earth. We have been awakened and aligned to this. Being curious keeps us alive to living in this dimension where the supernatural is expected and actually becomes natural. This is where we can dare to create, explore, invent, dream and imagine. 

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